Governance and management

Why is governance and management important?

As Enrique Mendizabal states: ‘Governance and management’ are not as popular subjects among think tanks’ directors nor donors.The problem is that without the right Governance and Management, think tanks cannot expect to take full advantage of the support that their funders and supporters offer. They cannot expect lessons to be learned, or that new funds will be used to improve their work or to seek out new opportunities. Without serious governance and management reforms, early on, the funds and support received may be as good as wasted.

Some recent Governance and Management capacity building activities

In 2012, P&I and Onthinktanks started a year-long mentoring effort to support two Latin American think tanksASIES (Guatemala) and Grupo FARO (Ecuador). This initiative was framed within the Matching Funds programme of the Think Tank Initiative. Mentoring focused on:


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